Saturday, 18 May 2013

Get among other people if you want beat the depression

Being among other people brings benefits to you in many ways. First of all, getting involved in some social interactions naturally prevents you focusing on your own (negative) thoughts. Another crucial thing which emerges naturally while being among others is the boost of your self-esteem. It is simply given that your self-esteem rises better while being among others than being alone (practically no matter what you do).

Depression is often related to the lack of some social skills (read post) and is largely taught that the best way in improving one's social skills is the practising and practising. In fact exposure (in general, not only in social skills) is effective means in preventing all kinds of depression, anxiety and neurosis.

The thing is that suffering from the depression causes inevitably often feeling of inferiority and as a result of it we might feel the fear from going among the people and rather stay at home. You will definitely hear from your thoughts that staying at home alone (even for sake of some important duty) is at the particular moment better choice then joining your friends, mates, co-workers etc., but try not to obey your inner voice for once and you might be pleasantly surprised.

I personally experienced all of what I have described above. Often I went to a pub to join my fellows even though I would have liked to stay at home much rather. Very surprisingly for me what followed then was the huge reveal from depression and I almost never regretted my decision.

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  1. Awesome article

  2. How old is this article?

  3. Hi Thanks for your response I have published this article in May this year - I had the idea that I could share some of my findings of beating the depression with others but after couple of articles I ceased publishing - what do you think of it?:)

  4. Depression is all about our mentality and calibre sickness, which continuously distract ones temper ability. In simple way, it is very destructive illness caused by various emotion and sensation. But you can easily avoid this illness by simply adopting yoga and meditation exercise, which not only gives health benefits, but also enable to control your mind and balance your temper.

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