Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ignore the negative thoughts and find thus the key tool to recovery from depression

All of you might have definitely come across same negative thoughts. They usually concern areas of our lives such as relationships, work or health. In my case the examples of such thoughts would look as follows:

"You will never be healthy again."
"Other people think badly about you."
"Your appearance today is terrible again, you are too fat and have ugly cloths on you, others will always look better."
"There is still something else to do, you can't really afford to take proper lunch break."
"It will be the disaster. The first time I will be doing it and I will definitely fail in it. No way."

Don't argue and discuss with the thoughts, but rather ignore them. Although I didn't follow this simple advice many times (I was then disappointed that I didn't so), I can tell you that it is essential thing which every specialist would recommend you. Once we start arguing with our mind that the thoughts are wrong, it is a game we can't win. Moreover, once we start arguing with negative thoughts, they make significantly the functionality of our body worse in every way, in other words they cause depression and anxiety. Yeh, it is dangerous vicious circle.

The tricky thing about them is that we are usually completely accustomed believe them and we might have never thought that they might tell lies to us. Therefore, you won't naturally learn to master negative thoughts within one day. Never mind. Every step further counts at the beginning. It is really worth spending some time.

One of my favourite author says: "The thought comes, and it will go. Don't bother about it".

Based on my own experience I can say that one often tends to give in to negative thoughts in other to stay (unconsciously!) in a role of victim.... However. building on the role of the victim is the opposite of the responsible approach to life.

Hopefully there is a way out. Here are some basic tools on your escape from the influence of negative thinking.
  • crucial rule: don't argue with the thoughts about the rightness - you will lose. The only safe way is to ignore them 
  • remember the fact that your thoughts may not reflect the reality at all 
  • every time you feel that negative thoughts are taking strong control of your mind try to start doing something else - more relaxing (e.g. meditation) or what you like better
  • read regularly a book of positive quotes. So that you can start looking forward to your everyday commuting to work when you will feed your mind with positive fuel 
  • stop assigning automatically bad scenarios to bad luck - If your girlfriend doesn't type, it doesn't necessarily mean she isn't interested in you any more.:) Better way is to live in uncertainty 
  • schedule your free time in advance and thus prevent chaos often caused by the negative thoughts 
  • don't blame yourself for negative thoughts. After all they have usually such a strenght as a result of your mental problems. As you get gradually recovered they start vanishing 
  • get among other people 
 Nevertheless there are much more items which could have been on the list and this blog will elaborate on them gradually in the future. So stay tuned and share this article. Thanks.  

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