Thursday, 16 May 2013

Identify what depression wants to tell you

You might have already heard it thousand times but without understanding what message the depression wants to tell you, you can be sure that you will fight with it with difficulties. Remember that taking the medicine can be useful at the early stage of the disease but in the long-term it is not the ultimate solution.

It is largely believes that the depression is the reaction of the soul to something that is beyond its strength to cope with. It can be related to all spheres of life but most often it concerns work and relationship. It follows that depression can be understood as the calling out for change.

As already mentioned it may concern your overworking at work or at university, your low assertiveness, your dissatisfaction in relationships etc.. It is common that tricky problem of your life is often repeated in your dreams, especially if you suffer from vivid dreams or nightmares.

The truth is that today's society puts large emphasis on the performance and other things more than it is good for one's health. As a result of it the people might spend 16 hours per day at work and they don't even realize that something is going wrong with them. Yeah, the get through the disease the message: "Slow down, I can't stand it any more."

So don't be frustrated, if you follow this guideline and listen to your suffering and don't rely purely on the medicaments, you will take very important step on the way to return to normal life.

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