Thursday, 6 June 2013

Almost nothing is impossible - the only limit I might face is the one I created by myself

That is what I've learned during my battle with neurosis and anxiety. At the time before I realized that I would have to change some of my attitudes if I wanted to avoid the depression for the rest of my life, I wouldn't have really believed that I could be capable of something that I managed in fact only a few months later.

Unsurprisingly the soul usually wants to tell your through depression in its own way that there might be something bothering in your life (read another post) your have already learned and reconcile to live with! But you have been wrong here - that is the message the depression wants to send you.

It doesn't matter whether it is not letting your boss push you around, asking a girl for a date, asking somebody doing a flavour, starting pursuing new hobby or project, looking for a job, attending a psychotherapy sessions etc.

Take this chance. The feeling of satisfaction when you once realize that it was a lie which you listened is definitely worth an attempt. Remember the fact that even though every part of your body tells you that you can't succeed in it, deep inside you, your real self is capable of much more that you think.

With respect to my own experience I can say that realizing all this stuff brought me on the incredible way of getting to know new things and in addition to that rethinking of my self-esteem (no wonder as it is widely believed that the fear is the opposite of the self-esteem in many ways...)

Remember some basic advices regarding this area.

  • Don't take yourself to much seriously 
  • Take risks more often - you have almost nothing to lose so "step outside the boat" 
  • Know that every attempt is the step further no matter of the result. Moreover, next time you will achieve your goal more likely. 
  • Be aware that the exposure is much better way than theorizing and standing still 
  • Be yourself (authenticity usually gets sympathy....)
  • Definitely don't discuss with your negative thoughts, but ignore them (read this post) - they don't reflect the reality at all (especially in area of your "imaginary" limit and future)
  • Set for yourself adequate goal not too big ones
  • Write down any slightest progress you make so that you can see that your effort makes sense even in the moments when your mind wants to convince you of the opposite
  • Focusing meanwhile on some other things besides your challenges and troubles will certainly help. Start going more among people (read here), regularly exercises or attend a theatre performance (this one in particular always boosts my self-confidence)
  • Here you find list of 15 useful anti-depression steps
  • Always smile:-)

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